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When Will Fan Networking Launch?
We should have most of the functionality done within two months. This will give people plenty of time to build their "news organization."

What is a "News Organization?"
This is made up of people you've personally invited and everyone else in YOUR news organization from our Viral Outreach™ program.

What is a "Connector Organization?"
It's basically the same thing as a "news organization" except, you have no plans of reporting anything. In other words, you just want to invite others to get their own "news organization."

What Else Can This Be Compared To?
Imagine a cross between CNN, Twitter, and Facebook. It's the Ultimate Social Network/News Channel. Uniquely different in many ways.

How Does The Viral Outreach™ Program Work?
It's a proprietary accounting software/social network package that facilitates people (reporters and connectors) and manages both personal and total "news organization" activity. Think of it in terms of QuickBooks,™ only it's specifically designed for us. Anyone 18 years of age and older can post the news and requires no special training. If you can post on Facebook, Twitter or create an email, you can use "NEWS ROCKSTAR" to post and create content. Our Viral Outreach™ program is very similar to other Social Networks. Your Sphere-of-influence and their Sphere-of-influence and so on. You can post videos, audios, websites and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Can I Get "Slapped" or "Banned?"
This would be a very rare occasion. Unlike other platforms, we are more "decentralized." In other words, they'll be no algorithm changes to mess with people or their marketing efforts. Being banned can happen when someone abuses their NEWS ROCKSTAR™ News privilege. Example: Over abuse on someone else's Copyrighted material, pornography, terrorism and so on.

Will I at Any Time Have to Post Content?
No. You are never required to post content or news. In other words, if you want to "kick back" and let others post and comment (be just a connector), you can do that.

What is Our Product & Retail Price?
The price to be an "Authorized Reporter" is $10.00 per month.

Can I Get Paid For Inviting Other People or Businesses to Fan Networking?
Yes. However, Commissions are only paid on upgraded "reporter status" retail sales. In other words, if you invite someone and should they upgrade to an "Authorized Reporter," that's when you'll start receiving commissions. Our main objective for license holders (reporters), is to use their new status for better reporting. Or if you prefer, you can opt not-to-pay for our services rendered and do them yourself, thus, eliminate any costs or consideration to Fan Networking to utilize the full platform and opportunity.

Where Do Most Of Fan Networking Clients Come From?
Radio Stations, TV Stations, Newspaper Publishers, Magazine Publishers, Insurance Agencies, Real Estate Brokers, Associations, Large Membership Groups, Large Subscriber Groups, Major Non-Profit Organizations, Successful Executives, Unions, Social Media Stars, Celebrities and, a great deal of the general public.

What is The Fan Networking Business Model?
Commissions are issued from the mass volume of people who create content, post the news and advertising sales. Example: Let's say you receive a $70 commission check and a week later, it jumps to a $350. It's because the Viral Outreach™ program has increased and generates more cash-flow to Fan Networking. The greater the cash-flow, the greater your commission can be. Simply put, we help compound (or parlay) your Viral Outreach™ for greater results. One of our components is similar to how royalties are paid in the music industry. Our program is a one-level affiliate program entity combined with compounding. See Viral Outreach™ Graphic.

What Can Be Earned as a Fan Networking Participant?
The number of people that watch, listen or read the news on Social Networks is incredible. So the potential for large commissions is also possible. The more you "spread" the news, the greater your royalty checks can be. Let's make a comparison to the actor: Johnny Depp. At the time of this discussion, Johnny makes somewhere around 30 MILLION per Movie. So if you're just starting out in acting, you probably don't have the contacts or connections and you're probably not going to make $30 Million per movie. Same goes for being a NEWS ROCKSTAR Reporter. You probably don't have many contacts or connections (yet) and you're probably not going to make huge commissions to start. But, ONCE YOU GET GOOD AT IT (like Johnny Depp did in acting), you can make a substantial income from your content and the content that's generated through your Viral Outreach™ who participate in Fan Networking. Commissions can range anywhere from 20 cents to $1 and can reach out to 500,000 people.

How Fast Can I Get Paid Commissions?
To start, it would be every two weeks. Then weekly.

Why Do I Have to Pay to be a Reporter? Isn't That Usually The Other Way Around?
This is part of our unique "disruptive" business model. Example: You can be a contributor to the "Huffington Post" (as an example), but you don't get paid for it. Upgrading helps people get paid for their content. Furthermore, with most of the media, to be classified as a "Senior Reporter," requires many years of experience. With News Rockstar you can be a "Senior Reporter" immediately and get better coverage on your news with preferential treatment without having to wait years. Again, we are "disrupting" the news and social networks!

Why is Fan Networking a Great Benefit For Other Media?
First. They can use News Rockstar to promote to their media just like they do with Facebook, Twitter and so on. Then, they simply have their reporters signup and follow the media source in Fan Networking.

Can Anyone Post The News?
Anyone 18 or older can post the news without upfront or monthly cost, however, if you want to take full advantage of our Viral Outreach™ program, you may want to consider upgrading to "reporter status" which includes other added services.

Is This Program Patented? NO! As you're aware, much of our program is kept as a "Trade Secret." The big problem with patents is, once it's filed, our process becomes an open easy target for IP thieves. It's the only way to truly protect the concept. After all, who wants to be in court all day fighting patent infringement?

Can I Sign-up Now?
Shortly we'll have a sign-up process.

Is There an Advantage of Signing up ASAP?
YES! Imagine if you were in on the beginning of CNN, Fox News or Twitter?

Are You Seeking Backers or Angel Investors For Fan Networking or News Rockstar?
We'd be open to that discussion. Contact us.

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FAN Networking is the Social Network that pays its users on their followers. A free-speech program you can be proud to use and promote.

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